It wouldn’t be wrong to call the year of 2018 to be a year of digital marketing revolution. The reason being rapid development in areas related with content writing opportunities, graphic designing and SEO, which are changing the future of the web.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Chatbots

A person simply cannot remain online, 24/7. Even companies are closed during the night. The need of a software grows which could take a message and provide the most common options.

Of course, the technology of chatbots existed before 2018 but now, they will be retouched with an impressive UI, giving an impression that a real person is talking with another person over the screen.

Time delays, effective communication tone and trying to point the most common options to a user, in order to satisfy his queries will be main priorities. If a user still has some confusion, he can then be connected to a real customer care representative.

The thing is that people like talking to chatbots because they are responsive and they never get mad. In 2018, we will see more development on the topic of chatbots.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Again, expect AI to have a bigger role in digital marketing. This is because new research is being made in AI, in which it can analyze search patterns and behaviors of different consumer groups.

Similarly, data from social media can be used to help businesses understand the thoughts of customers and what they would like to obtain from enterprises. According to Gartner, a time will come by the end of 2020, in which 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI.

  1. Programmable Advertising

Instead of traditional promotional ads, generated by search engines and websites, business owners will start their focus on programmable advertising.

Embedded inside the source code of a page, these ads will be generated by AI to narrow down the target range of buyers and sellers. This will reduce the use of customer acquisition tools, thereby increasing the chances of a successful marketing campaign.

  1. Personalized Marketing

It has been observed that 74% marketers believe that personalized marketing enhances the rate of customer engagement.

Considering the psyche of human nature, if an AI algorithm determine the type of a person, judging his personality through quick questions or social media posts, same natured facts, stats and marketing campaigns can be initiated on a personalized level.

This type of marketing will increase the need of mobile compatibility and better navigational experiences.

  1. Video Inclusion

Search engine algorithms are paying extra attention to sites using HD videos. From the data obtained through Forbes, including a video to your email marketing campaign increases a click through rate by 200% – 300%, whereas 64% customers were more likely to buy a product, after seeing a video about it.

Video helps clear misconceptions about the product and shows how its usage. This increases the interest of an observer, into trying a specific product.

By 2019, video inclusions will claim more than 80% of all web traffic.

6. Analytics and Tracking

With significant advancements in website visitor tracking, businesses in 2018 have had the lead generation supercharge potential of finding out the companies which have been on their website. This is fundamentally valuable data and can be actioned through the sales and marketing departments for direct outreach and targeting. It can deliver digital lead generation beyond your expected level and with 2019 only a few months away there is still plenty of time to catch up on your targets or go well beyond them in terms of sales and revenue generated.