There are different varieties of log loaders available in the market which are both electronically as well as mechanically controlled. In order to load and move heavy logs, such log loaders are generally used. They are meant for picking and placing heavy logs from the various transporting systems and also for moving and storing them at required places. There are hydraulic controls also available to lift the heavy logs.

These remorque à bois (Meaning in English is wood or timber carrying trailer) are classified into two different categories as follows:

  • Self-propelled small log loader

This type of log loaders is mobile as there are wheels provided for its movement. As it has got rotating grapple and hence it is convenient to clutching operation. Any self-propelled log loaders can easily rotate in full circle and due to outriggers and rubber tires it has got better stability. There are number of different self-propelled log loaders and the most common among them are:

  • Crane loader

It can rotate in 360 degrees and is custom built as per user need and hence you can get better productivity.

  • Forklift loader

These are having outfitted forks that can easily be lowered or raised up without any problem.

  • Mobile heel boom log loader

It can catch log from two different places and has got one grapple and set of tongs.

  • Knuckle-boom small log loader

This is a smaller variety of log loaders and it comes with hydraulic boom which is quite similar to knuckles of any human hand or arm. In order to move and catch various wooden logs and also place them to its storing location a hydraulic grapple is used. Advantage of such knuckle boom loader is that it can be rotated from 180 to 360 degree.

What are the benefits of log loaders

  • Fully rotating grapple

High quality steel and strong bearing is used to enable 360-degree rotations of the log loaders with hydraulic grapple.

  • Longer reach

It can easily reach up to 10 meters and is designed in such a way that it can reach longer distance.

  • Durability and endurance

These log loaders have excellent strength and can perform many tasks without getting damaged. It also has the ability to hold heavy logs.

  • Lightweight

Since they are made out of fine-grained steel and hence they are much lighter in weight.

  • Versatility

Quite versatile and can be used for many applications.

  • Easy transportation

It can be easily mounted on trucks or trailers and can be transported.