Taking the time to earn positive reviews for your practice can go a long way in boosting your brand online and driving more traffic to your website.

Having positive online reviews in a world where patient’s value word-of-mouth marketing more than ever before is a must. Here are a few of the ways that online reviews can benefit your practice.

  • Ways Online Reviews Can Benefit Your Practice
  1. Put a focus on what patients want

While the location of a practice is still important to patients, customer service is a much bigger priority. Encouraging online reviews means you can get feedback directly from patients and find new ways to improve your practice and your customer service to better cater to their needs. If you haven’t done so in a while, take a look at some of your online reviews on Google to see where you can start making some immediate improvements.

  1. Build your credibility

Too many practices respond to negative reviews and feedback from patients by getting rid of the evidence but this is the wrong approach. The more you can prove to patients that you want to provide a better experience for all, the stronger your credibility will be. Whether the review or feedback was positive or negative, thank the patient and provide them with a way to contact you offline if necessary. To keep things consistent, you can even create several pre-approved responses that your team can use. The right response to negative feedback can go a long way in boosting your brand’s image online.

  1. Enhance your SEO efforts

If you want more patients to be able to find you online using search engines, medical marketing specialists such as Azuri Group can use online reviews to boost your SEO rankings. The reason why reviews make a difference is that they are seen as fresh content and they encourage users to interact with your website.

  1. Create the best possible first impression

Recommendations from friends and family are a big deal to today’s consumers and if potential patients are met with positive reviews when they find your website, you will be creating an excellent first impression.

Asking Patients for Reviews

The more reviews you can generate, the more authoritative your brand will appear. It’s important to garner as many positive reviews as you can but this means being strategic about when you ask for them.

Using an automated system is one of the best ways to ask patients for reviews. Send your patients a basic questionnaire that allows them to score you on a scale of 1 – 10 on the aspects that are most important to you as a practice. If the patient sends a favourable review, encourage them to leave a review on platforms such as Google and Yelp too.

Patients won’t always be willing to leave a review but sending them an automated email will show that you value their feedback and it gives you an additional chance to capture a positive review that you can proudly display on your website.