Packaging plays a very important part in doing an online business. Whether it is to protect your products that are stored in a warehouse or protect them till it reaches to the customer, it is very significant for any business. With several different types of products, it really becomes hard to select the best one out of them.

Excess Packaging

A lot of packaging fails because of using excess packaging. It shows parcels comprises of only three packaging items such as a parcel tape, box, and void fill. All these three packaging items are used to source, store, compile and contribute towards the final cost of shipping. Being an essential part of an online retail, choosing the right packaging can help one save money, time and make more sales.

Polythene bubble “mailing bag” help in dealing with the issue related to excess packaging. This is a quick solution to void fill and compact boxes. Bubble protection offers safety while polythene protects the material from outside weather conditions. According to guide to master the unboxing experience, bubble protection offers an extra advantage where there will only be one packaging item to dispose and recycle.

Single Use Packaging

Half the population of online retailers believes that good returns will make their consumer more satisfied with the service. Assisting them to return and re-pack any unwanted items increase the chances of making a repeated purchase in the future.

A quick solution is to double the use of mailing bags by addition of a 2nd glue strip. It eliminates the need to buy an additional packaging item along with providing a ready to use bag.  This second layer of glue enables them to rapidly send products again to the inventory. It makes them rest assured that items are properly protected when they reach back to you.

Don’t use packaging materials that overkill

Whether it’s plastic, paper, or foam, make sure that you don’t stuff the box with lot of packaging material. Polystyrene foam is messy as well as difficult to contain and recycle. Inflatable air pillows, on the other hand works better and also don’t come with any hassles. Many of the air pillows can be manufactured on-demand to easily fit the package box and its containments. They are also easily recyclable at drop-off centers.


The way a product is packaged impacts a lot on the minds of customers.  These beneficial tips will definitely help your business deliver an unboxing experience that is worth sharing on social media.