Are you running a window cleaning business or upholstery cleaning company; there is a need to go through a bunch of legal documents.  Of course you must be prepared to navigate through the procedures and this also includes insurance policies, client contract, and surety bonds, if you really wish to do the cleaning services as a fully licensed company.

You can sort the legal requirements by understanding a few of these:

The foremost question is does a cleaning business require a license to initiate a business to offer office cleaning services Melbourne.  If yes, how to get one?

Based on the location your business is, your local and state government may need you to have a license for the cleaning business or even just a license stating a regular business. These are known as “Service Contractor’s Licenses.”

However, prior to getting licenses, there is a need to get ‘bonded’ and it implies applying for License Bond. Not all the local and state governments have these as requirements, so there is a need to check. It may be that the business needs to get bonded or licensed to acquire certain client contracts. However, you must know the Knicks and knacks of the business if you wish to speed up.

How to get cleaning business bonded and licensed?

To be a bonded and licensed cleaning business, you may follow these steps:

  • File a business license application ‘Doing business As’ with the local municipal government and open a bank account for your business.
  • Check the licenses of the small business administration and check the permits page to know if you must have an office cleaning Melbourne license in your area to work.
  • File essential applications so that you perform a licensed cleaning business.
  • Contact insurance companies regarding Surety bonds and license bonds. Thus, you can submit an insurance application to get for your cleaning business free quotes.

Do Cleaning Businesses require Bonds?

There are two cleaning bonds types:

  • License and permit bond: You will require these bonds if licensed by municipal government. In fact, the local government may be sued if they license a cleaning professional or a contractor doing poor work. Thus, these are the bonds protecting the municipal government from a lawsuit cost.
  • Surety Bond: This surety bond is also known as contract bond. In case a cleaning business does not deliver the work as required, the contract bond reimburses the fess that the client spent.