Taking advantage of the exceptional services of food PR companies including the renowned Ceres PR shouldn’t be perceived as optional; it’s a necessity.

You may feel confident that you can manage food public relations in house but there is a tendency to over or under invest in target markets or to neglect the most productive media channels. Who is in your target market and where are they making their purchases? Are consumer habits already being affected by external factors or is a change likely over the next few months?

With food PR companies working hard on your brand’s behalf, always be ahead of the trend, never following it.

Digital platforms and artificial intelligence have transformed the way that food marketing services are delivered but traditional channels including radio, events and print media should not be forsaken. Every potential consumer for your product is not yet online or comfortable with the online experience. Food PR companies understand that traditional approaches, relevant to consumer habits and demographics must be factored in for a successful campaign.  Well managed food marketing services facilitate goal achievement from increased market share to greater profits to recognition, and they garner a significant return on investment.

Food public relations specialists create unique campaigns for each brand and client. There is no one size fits all approach with PR. Ceres PR’s team is notable for learning about the brand and product range, what makes the brand “tick” and what the consumer needs to know about to build trust and maintain a relationship in the future.

Consumers are interested in a brand’s ethics and how they interact with the community and the world. What are the environmental and social causes that your brand cares about? In 2019, cause marketing is an essential tool. It’s highly rewarding to communicate to existing consumers and potential business that your company is involved in a community education, social or wellbeing project, giving opportunities to troubled teenagers or aiding a pollution clear-up. Ensure that your positivity has a long reach.

AI is becoming integrated in everyday life and food public relations has adjusted to realise the potential of this channel. When a consumer asks their device for a solution or brand, multiple results are not necessarily delivered, unlike on a search engine, so the number one choice for the AI must be the brand the food marketing services specialists require.

Brand storytelling is another rewarding food public relations and marketing area. Humans have always enjoyed stories, and when they can be sold to via a story which doesn’t seem to sell but is inspirational, positive and engaging, it triggers emotions and the consumer feels compelled to act. This is brand storytelling at work. Tales about overcoming adversity, achievement, opportunity and making the world a better place to live in have exceptional PR power.

Professional food PR companies utilise influencers who are experts or well-known figures in the food industry to work with the brand to communicate to their followers the brand message and build relationships.

Food public relations services providers help your brand to flourish.