Most of the seller marketplaces today come with their restrictive policies! The branding of the marketplaces is much above the branding of the individual stores. However, with your own e-store you aren’t required to follow any guidelines and are in charge of your own business.

All of the branding, brand imaging and control on the customer experience solely depends on the seller’s discretion. Starting with your own e-store is the most viable decision you shall make while progressing with your online business! Here are some tips and tricks to make it impactful!

Interactive web design

Of course an e-store shall be engaging and routing to gather customer’s interest. To achieve this is important to design your brand image around the product in a way that appeals to the customers the most. Here the website templates, visuals and graphics make the whole impact. Therefore hire in a professional or choose to design on your own – the e-store shall encapsulate all the essential drama to bring in customer engagement.

‘About Us’ page

If a visitor lands on your About Us page – they probably are already interested enough in you to know about your endeavor. Choose to share the best of information, social media handles, brand story and personal vision here to connect with the visitors. This is indeed a very engaging idea!

Customer support!

If you are a small brand the chances are you are the customer support yourself. Here however the customers should have suitable connecting options to get customer support. Bring in information like chatbots, email for customer information and phone numbers to contact on. This helps improve brand’s trust and image!


Payment options

An e-store is nothing without suitable payment gateways that suits the choices of most of the customers. The banking partner, e-wallets, online banking etc all should be incorporated to make the purchasing easier for the masses!

SEO blog!

AN e-store requires blogging to communicate the idea of the business to the customers at large. Having a blog is pretty much like a SEO corner of the website which drives in more traffic while sharing information about the products available. This helps immensely in growing the web store!

Pick up aspects which really drive your business vision to make decision on how to build a website. Even the smallest of entities require the best of presentation to bring about a difference in the e-store performance. Give your customers a believe that you are growing and reliable!