As the h1b policy continues to tighten, the number of rejected h1bs (also known as h1b被拒) has increased year by year, and even the h1b renewal (also known as h1b续签) and h1b transfer process (also known as h1b transfer流程) has been repeatedly blamed. Therefore, in the preparation of the previous h1b visa materials (also known as h1b签证材料), we need to be cautious. If you are not sure, you can entrust a professional immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师). There are many h1b lawyers in the Bay Area (also known as 湾区h1b律师), but the level is different, and you need to be cautious in your choice. In addition, there are still many places to pay attention when applying for the h1b visa.

The LCA Labor Situation Application is an essential step before the H-1B application. The employer must submit an LCA application to the Department of Labor before submitting an H-1B application for you. The processing time of LCA is generally 7 days, so you can wait until mid-March to apply for LCA from the Ministry of Labor. During this half-month, you must communicate with your employer or lawyer in a timely manner to communicate LCA’s application and results, and make sufficient advances. Many companies that have not applied for H-1B may not even say anything to LCA. This is why everyone has to eat their own snacks. When applying for LCA, employers are required to provide materials that demonstrate your salary to prevailing wages, employment duration, full-time/part-time, work location, etc.

There are some materials that you can prepare in advance. You can take them out when you need them, but the specific materials should be communicated to employers and lawyers according to your own situation. In the absence of urgency, the approval time for H-1B is about 3-5 months. Many small partners will receive the results of the immigration process between the end of May and August, if the RFE is requested in the middle. It may not be until September or even October to get the trial results, and finally wait until October 1 of the same year, your H-1B will take effect.

I listened to a lot of friends who haven’t started the lottery yet. I have already started planning what to do if I didn’t draw. For example, looking for a school that can maintain F-1 status, submit a resume to a university or a non-profit organization related to research, plan to get a marriage certificate with a male/girlfriend, transfer to F-2, H-4 or O-3, or even return home. Psychological preparation for development.